Parish Day of Prayer - 20th June 2020



With the current restrictions in place, we will be praying in our own homes throughout the 12 hour period.

There are five prayer stations, for guidance / inspiration.   As always, use one or more, or none according to how you feel led to pray.


These follow the pattern:

  1. Worship (looking at God in all His glory)
  2. Reflections (looking at ourselves)
  3. The world and our nation
  4. Love – a call to prayer and action
  5. (a) Praying for Wem and Individuals;  (b) Conclusion

It may be an opportunity to experiment with praying in a way different to sitting or kneeling, subject to your own situations.


go for a walk;

pray for particular areas/ people

appreciate creation

say a ‘mantra’ or a blessing as you walk

use music –sing or play an instrument

be inspired by looking at nature or an artwork

Important as it is to pray together in the church building, this is an exciting time to think of us offering prayers scattered throughout the community.


Click on the link to visit the Prayer Station.