2015/6 Organ Refurbishment

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Organ Builders, M. C. Thompson, from Burton upon Trent moved in on the 12th May, and made a start, by dismantling the Choir Organ (the lowest of the three manuals (keyboards) on the organ to take away to their workshop.   This means that the Choir Organ will not be available though the rest of the organ will be adequate for normal use;  it will hardly be noticeable.   Later, the rest of the organ will be removed at which time the builders will install a two-manual electronic organ, until the work is completed.

The Organ Builders have returned the Choir Organ pipes looking beautifully "brand new",  having been thoroughly cleaned and polished.  During the week beginning 7th July, they came to deliver the temporary replacement electronic instrument and took away many of the Great Organ pipes,  presumably for the same treatment although the large pipes from the front are not being taken away for cleaning; they will be done on site. Keyboards and pedals and also been removed for refurbishment  and repair work is necessary to the soundboards, to make good any splits in the wood. At this stage we do not have a completion date.

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